K2 Comp 71 (probably 1991)

K2 -Comp 71 – It was a must have in the early 90s in Switzerland. One of the first ones with oversize tubing used for it’s frame. This bike is in very good condition. As it is a K2 we added a mountainish look to it with sturdy brown handle bars, heavy Schwalbe tires and a brown Ritchey saddle.

Write us, if you know anything about this bike. It’s rater hard to get insights about these K2 Mountain Bikes.

Price: CHF 450.00

Ein Gedanke zu „K2 Comp 71 (probably 1991)

  1. this is a 1990/1991 model
    full deore LX
    i had one into 1992 for racing
    I have for the moment a comp 88, comp 91 and a comp 1
    comp 88 are from 1992
    comp 1 is from 1994/1995

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